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Jewels of the Vineyard Style Guide

Spring and Summer 2020

Spring and Summer 2020 come in with happy colors and bold accessories. Loads of colors in blue tones, purples, blue greens, coral pink and more will be at shops. If you’re like me, I don’t buy a new wardrobe with every color/style trend. Use what you have and accessorize! Fun design styles from geometrics to wide cuff bracelets will be on trend. I’ve always been a fan of cuff bracelets and love to design and make them!

Trend #1:

The timeless pop of geometric shapes combined with the visual textures of three-dimensional accents equals unparalleled style. This look has infinite options from morning straight on through the night.

Pearls on Leather Cuff


Leather Cuff bracelet with crackle agate beads


Trend #2: Wide Cuffs

This is bold: one piece with double, triple, quadruple the impact. Wide leather cuffs have more room for details like contrasting colors, textures, and materials.

Trend #3:
Brilliant Purples and Blues

Spring and summer are brilliant in Napa Valley, and so are Jewels of the Vineyard. Lavender, cobalt, and coral pop out when you reach for a cool sip or stretch for new goal. Always sophisticated and always stylish.