Jewels of the Vineyard - Leather Bracelets from Napa, California and Cheryl Thompson, Artisan





Q: How can I make sure the bracelet is the correct size?

A: Jewels of the Vineyard bracelets, especially the Stag’s Leap Collection bangle bracelets, are made to fit your wrist comfortably but snug enough so that they will not twist around and leave the beads underneath.

To assure the bracelet is the correct size, wrap a piece of string or slim paper around your wrist and mark where it meets. The length of that string/paper is your wrist measurement.

Jewels of the Vineyard provides some standard sizes and the option for a custom size, as possible, with individual bracelets.

Custom-made items, including special-sized bracelets, are not returnable without a return authorization. Any orders over 60 days old cannot be returned.  Repairs are accepted within 90 days. Please send an email for authorization if necessary.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email me directly at or complete the form below.