Jewels of the Vineyard - Leather Bracelets from Napa, California and Cheryl Thompson, Artisan

Lapis on a Rope Leather Bracelet


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Deep, sultry lapis lazuli forms the center of a stunning collection of beads on black Spanish leather. Tiny beaded rings in shades of deep blue, purple and teal separated by silver directs your attention to the star of the show. Finishing the design off is a set of tiny obsidian beads to tie it all to the black leather. Wonderful!

The stylish and strong magnetic clasp makes it so easy for on and off. All bracelets arrive in a leatherette pouch with tarnish free liner to keep the metals shiny and easy to care for.

IMPORTANT: correct wrist size is essential to the bracelet fitting correctly. Please follow the directions in the listing and let me know your wrist measurement. Do NOT add or subtract or the bracelet will not fit on your wrist and be comfortable. If you need help or have questions, please let me know. I'm happy to help

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6 1/2 inch, 7", Custom