Napa, CA – Wrapping up Summer in Wine Country

As July draws to a close, we reflect back on all the highlights of our summer so far. Days in the sun, with not a care in the world as we enjoy lounging by the pool. Warm breezes on pleasant evenings spent dining or strolling outside. Sipping a glass of our favorite seasonal wine while daydreaming about our summer adventures. And of course, all the fun and pageantry of celebrating that classic summer holiday, Independence Day.


a walk in the vineyard on a summer day

With August on the horizon, we think of wrapping up summer with some plans to enjoy more of the outdoors and do those things we truly look forward to that can only be enjoyed in summer. And, our thoughts begin slowly turning toward fall.

verasion in wine country

We see ads begin to highlight fall fashion, and as we think of what we’ll be wearing this autumn, consider jewelry from Jewels of the Vineyard to complement those choices.

As we “wrap up” summer, wrap bracelets can be an excellent choice to round out any look. For example, my Calistoga Collection features a complex mix of fine supple leathers and beads in all shapes, colors and textures. These bracelets can be as simple as two dainty strands or as complex as six strands crusted with beads.

wrap bracelets from Jewels of the Vineyards

Made to be more casual yet complex, the Calistoga Collection can add something new to a comfy pair of jeans or any casual clothing.

My Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet is a great piece to highlight any outfit. Bright coral faux suede in a tiny 3mm band, kissed with tiny silver studs and a 5mm peridot green piece of studded leather hugged by a 2mm rope of black leather mix it up, wrapping your wrist twice. It’s all tied up with a strong magnetic clasp making it oh so easy to wrap, snap and go.

Visit Jewels of the Vineyard today to browse our selection to find that ideal piece to make the perfect accessory for your “wrapping up summer” outfit—or to find that one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

Written by:  Jewels of the Vineyard, Napa, CA