Napa, CA – Visit a St. Helena Winery

As we move into the heart of summer, wine country is popular with tourists from all over. Is summer the best time to visit? While it can be a bit more crowded, there’s even more to see and do with produce farms selling their wares and summer festivals for all to enjoy.

One of the most popular areas in the Napa Valley is St. Helena, home to more than 160 wineries. The weather tends to be a bit warmer in St. Helena, as it’s less affected by the ocean breezes than the more southern areas of the Napa Valley. The wines there reflect this. They can be more full-bodied, highlighting flavors such as black currant, black licorice, and cedar.

Beyond the many wonderful wineries, something unique in St. Helena is The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. What many visitors to the area don’t realize is that the CIA, as it’s known, is open to the public. With public cooking demonstrations and food and wine classes, it’s definitely a stop to add to your list as you explore St. Helena.


Whatever sites you choose to visit, as crowds can be larger during the summer months, it’s a good idea to pack comfy shoes and keep the warmer temperatures in mind as you choose outfits. A great way to complement any outfit you choose is with wine country jewelry.

My online jewelry store features some stunning choices, including my St. Helena Collection inspired by the wines of St. Helena, which are elegant but restrained. Designed using flat Italian leather with colors ranging from brilliant red to earthy golden brown, much like the soil types of St. Helena, and strung with beads of crystal, gold, and silver, the collection is exquisite, yet understated.

Take, for example, our greenery Italian leather bracelet, made of dark gray leather featuring a square ceramic bead in the Pantone color “greenery.” Silver dots, tiny flowers and pyramids dance along the 10mm band, expressing a message of new dreams to be fulfilled—perhaps right here in St. Helena in the Napa Valley wine country.


St. Helena DowntownWritten by Jewels of the Vineyard, Napa, CA