Napa, CA – St Helena, Napa Valley Italian Wine Country

The unique vibe of Napa Valley is a rich tapestry woven from the influences of its multi-cultural heritage, its beautiful geography, and of course, the energy of the modern Napa Valley wine industry.

Throughout this tapestry is woven a very dominant thread of Italian influence, particularly that of the Etruscans. It’s these early residents of modern-day Tuscany from whom the Romans inherited their love of winemaking and entertaining for family and friends.

The Etruscans would find much in common with residents of St. Helena. It is truly one of the brightest highlights of Napa Valley. The little city’s vivid architecture, cozy atmosphere, and true European elegance are the perfect match for casual shopping and sipping some of the local varietals with friends. You can find Jewels of the Vineyard while shopping in St. Helena at Findings on Main Street.

Main Street, St. Helena, CA

The Napa Valley’s rich and colorful heritage is my inspiration for the St. Helena collection of Italian leather bracelets.

Italian leather bracelets, St. Helena Collection

Each piece is well structured to meld the richness of elegant leather with stunning natural stones and sophisticated metalwork. Intense colors, voluptuous feel, and a totally smooth look that goes all day into evening in Napa wine country.

One of my personal favorites is this sleek Bronze Leather Beaded Bracelet. The metallic bronze leather gives a modern twist on old world style with rich bronze and gold beads and a magnetic clasp. It’s perfect for travel, especially in wine country, because it’s comfortable, versatile, and pairs well with every outfit.

Contrast that with the Salvestrin Leather Bracelet. Like the Silvestrin wines, this piece is perfectly balanced with complex color and crisp attitude that embodies the flavor of this vineyard named one of Napa Valley’s Top 10 Small Undiscovered Wineries. The supple orange Italian leather features sky-blue and earthy ceramic beads as well as tooled gold and silver beads.

Designer’s Tip:  The wine country jewelry in the St. Helena collection is made to fit your wrist comfortably but snug enough so that the bracelet will not twist around and leave the beads underneath.  To assure the bracelet is the correct size, wrap a piece of string or slim paper around your wrist and mark where it meets. The length of that string/paper is your wrist measurement. When you order online, you can ask for a custom size if to ensure the best fit.

If you would like to learn more about Etruscan food and wine, check out the V. Sattui Winery and their upcoming event on September 10, 2017.

I hope you will savor the richness of life in Napa Valley as much as I do!

Written by: Jewels of the Vineyard, Napa, CA