Most of the leather bracelets in the Jewels of the Vineyard Collections are sized for 6 ½ and 7-inch wrists for women and 7 ¼ and 7 ½ inches for men. However, many of my customers don’t fit in those categories and I’ve often been asked about creating custom sizes.  No problem! I’ve even been asked about substituting a bead or leather color for a different one.  Again, no problem. That is, as long as I have everything in stock to create your special leather bracelet. Even if it isn’t currently in stock, I can often order a product if you can wait.  I love to make special items. All my customers are very important to me and your happiness in your purchase is my goal.

Let’s go over the sizing option.  For most of the bracelets, size is important so that the lovely beads don’t weigh the bracelet and make it twist around your wrist and end up underneath where no one can see them. That would be horrible! So, when measuring your wrist, wrap the tape measure or string or any other flexible item around your wrist. Don’t squeeze or leave space between your wrist and the tape.  The number where the tape meets is your wrist measurement and I will use that to make your bracelet. I have a wrist sizer that allows me to plop the bracelet over it and assure that it ends up at your size for a perfect fit.


how to find your bracelet size

If you have bracelets in your collection that are a bit larger than the Jewels of the Vineyard bracelet and you want to stack, place the larger ones above the smaller ones. They’ll look great.  Here’s a little collection of bracelets that make a nice stacked set.

leather bracelet stack

Notice the bottom bracelet has the heavy beading on the top. That is the important sizing necessary for the Stags’ Leap bracelets to fit properly.  The other three aren’t quite as important as they are either heavy in the clasp or look good from any side.

So, now you understand how to measure for the best fit for your custom-sized bracelet.

  • All leather bracelets that need the correct measurement are listed with a pull-down menu.
  • Click on “custom” and let me know how you would like to customize your bracelet.

That’s all there is to it!

Written by: Jewels of the Vineyard, Napa, CA