Winter in the wine country brings a bit of silence after the rush and fury of harvest and the entertaining of our wonderful guests.  For the locals, this is the time for us to take back our roads and celebrate with friends and family.

Napa Valley vineyard in winter


The first year I lived in the Napa Valley, it snowed on the streets of St. Helena and on our Diamond Mountain vineyard. From the beach town of San Diego where the sandy shore only looks like snow to actual snow! My boys and I rushed up to the vineyard to make snowmen and have snowball fights.  For those of you who live in the snow every year, that sounds a bit silly doesn’t it? When we were home again, the snow had almost melted.

Today, I’m totally in love with living in the Napa Valley. The beauty of the place I call home, inspires me to create beautiful things. The leather bracelets from Jewels of the Vineyard are the jewels I see every day in my walk through the vineyards.  Ropes of vines become ropes of leather, jewel tones in the grapes become the beautiful colored beads which adorn those ropes of leather and the lovely textures of the leaves, vines and soil of our vineyards become the bracelets created from my home.


Winter light on Napa vineyard

Soon the New Year of 2017 will be here. What are you doing New Year’s Eve?  I like to keep it small, intimate and quiet and an opportunity to dress to the 10’s with the people close to me. An early black-tie champagne tasting party is great fun. Slide into that stunning dress, stack some sparkly bracelets up your arm, grab your champagne flute and celebrate the end of 2016 and new beginnings for 2017. Or an intimate dinner with the one you love makes the celebration more personal.

Whichever way you chose to celebrate, I’ve created some stunning party bracelets.  Here are just a few. I know you want one. There are only a couple of each available so get yourself to the website and prepare for the New Year’s celebration.


Napa Valley Christmas, gifts from wine country, new years eve

Written by: Jewels of the Vineyard, Napa, CA