My designs celebrate my love of living in the fabulous California wine country.

Be beautiful.

I've been an artist for as long as I can recall.

Whether painting, drawing, making jewelry, creating a great meal and entertaining or decorating my home, I’ve been compelled to create. Jewels of the Vineyard is a handcrafted leather bracelet studio based in the wine country of California. I am Cheryl Thompson, and I am the owner, sole designer, and doer of everything.  A drinker of fine wine and lover of great food.

Jewels of the Vineyard celebrates my love of living in the wine country and creating beautiful bracelets from leather and beads and all things extra special. Jewels of the Vineyard combines handcrafted goodness with fine leathers and beads for a fashionable and current aesthetic. My products are meant to bring a smile to those that wear them and those that admire them.  I hope you love them! I know I loved making each and every one of them.

Personally selected materials are individually crafted to enhance a beautiful lifestyle

All designs are created and made by my very own little hands in the workshop.  I have looked in every nook and cranny around the world for hidden beads, leather and gems to use in creating Jewels of the Vineyard bracelets. The happy colors of leather from Spain, Italy, and Greece are the most favorite leathers to use.

Thoughtful details translate into effortlessly wearable art.

The Jewels of the Vineyard collection is made up of beautiful items exquisitely handmade with attention to detail and unique design. Each bracelet is lovingly designed and configured from elegant leather-wrapped bands, hammered and riveted elements, wrapped wire, hand-dyed, painted and cut leather. Most bracelets are made with the oh-so-easy magnetic clasp. I do not like chasing a little clasp around my wrist and made sure my customers won’t have to.

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