When my little black dress or cocktail attire is calling, slipping on an elegant Italian leather flat beaded bracelet in colors or classic black shows how leather can be elegant and subtle and make a statement. What is the statement? I’m beautiful, understated and unique. I like my flat bracelets in any place whether it’s a party, a special dinner, a casual event or wherever I find myself, they fit right in.

The St. Helena Collection - Leather Flats

Agate Druzy Leather Bracelet - 6 colors

Price: $49.00

Freshwater Pearls on Italian Leather - 2 colors

Price: $62.00

Black Leather and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Price: $58.71

Deep Red Leather Bracelet

Price: $58.71

Xs and Os Leather Bracelet

Price: $58.71

Black and Silver Italian Leather Bracelet

Price: $59.09

Silver Beaded Leather Bracelet

Price: $50.35

Moody Skies Black Bracelet

Price: $52.44

Never Get Enough Leather Bracelet

Price: $58.71

Wire Wrapped Impression Jasper Leather Bracelet

Price: $65.00

Dot to Dot Leather Bracelet

Price: $58.71

A New Slant on Leather Jewelry

Price: $58.71